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Who Can Sign a Lost Note Affidavit? What Happens When It Is “Found?”

19 Nov

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Let’s start with the study that planted the seed of doubt as to the validity of the debt, note, mortgage and foreclosure and whether any of those “securitized debt” foreclosures should have been allowed to even get to first base. Katherine Ann Porter, when she was a professor in Iowa (2007) did a seminal study of “lost” documents and found that at least 40% of ALL notes were lost as a result of intentional destruction or negligence. You can find her study on this blog.

The issue with “lost notes” is actually simple. If the note is lost then the court and the borrower are entitled to an explanation of the the full story behind the loss of the note, why it was intentionally destroyed and whose negligence caused the loss of the note. And the reason is also…

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Deutsch Bank in Trouble Again

4 Nov

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The vulnerability of the banks is starting to bleed through the shadowy curtains of “securitization fail.” (Adam Levitin’s term for false securitization). Despite trillions given to the banks in faked sales of worthless mortgage backed securities (purchases by Federal reserve at 100 cents on the dollar), analysts correctly perceive this as a growing cancer on the balance sheets and financial statement of the big players on Wall Street.

The trading profits are fake. Most analysts understand this now. The more “profit” they report from proprietary trading the more they are relying on laundering money illegally obtained in the mortgage meltdown. Analysts understand therefore that an increase of “profits” derived from proprietary trading really means that (1) the rest of the operations are not doing well and (2) the bank is becoming increasingly vulnerable to major lawsuits by government and private interests. That is the reason for a drop in share…

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Ocwen Complaints and Litigation Expenses Rise, Stock Declines 50%

4 Nov

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see Ocwen Backdated Documents — Seeks Independent Review

It comes as no surprise to those involved in the Wall Street quagmire. Lies on top of lies, all aimed at causing foreclosures despite clear indications that the foreclosing parties (a) have no right or interest in foreclosing (b) have a conflict of interest with the real parties in interest (investors who actually put up the money and will suffer any loss) and (c) are intentionally interfering in the relationship between the borrower and the actual lenders, thus preventing modification and causing tens of thousands of Zombie foreclosures.

The letter from Benjamin Lawsky from the New York State Department of Financial Services exposes the underbelly of the largest scale fraud in human history. It starts with relatively simple issues like the delay in prosecuting foreclosures for which most judges…

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