The Assignments Are Lies With a Presumption of Truth

11 Aug

Livinglies's Weblog

At some point the Courts will need to accept some of the responsibility for the damage caused by this scheme.

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INVESTOR ALERT! — USING THE COURTS, the foreclosing entity successfully transferred a bad loan to your portfolio, forced you to take the loss, prevented you from mitigating damages and imposing a tax burden that is directly contrary to the terms of the REMIC trust.

I know this goes headlong against established “theory” that the debt, the note and the mortgage are inseparable, but that is the point. When the Wall Street banks got involved, the debt, the note and the mortgage were all separated causing chaos and confusion from which the Wall Street profited beyond imagination. — Neil F Garfield,

So what exactly is that “assignment” that everyone is talking about and…

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